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Executive Summary

The production plants of pharmaceutical companies have complex operations and workflows. The manufacturing of pharma products has to be maintained at high standards. Any minute changes in the procedures, equipment or ingredients can have disastrous impact on the whole batch.

To ensure high standards, constant monitoring and data collection is required. With Internet-of-things (IoT) some of this data collection has been automated. But still there exist many paper forms across the plants to note down various readings, levels, equipment status.

Also, to improve overall operational efficiency, many procedures are introduced from time to time. These procedures also require some mechanism for data collection.

And production plants are always changing – there are constant changes in the equipment, regulations, personnel and processes that require fine-tuning of workflows.

But just digitization of manual forms is not enough. The data such collected needs to be merged with data from other data sources and made available for better decision-making.

Unavailability of such all-encompassing solution not only makes operations less efficient, it also makes it difficult to objectively answer the question – “are we doing

Workflow Management System

JSAT’s Workflow Management System not only provides a zero-code dynamic workflows platforms, but also provides integration with real-time data management systems such as OSI PI.

Its intuitive form builder makes setting up a new workflow a matter of few clicks with extensive version control. The elements in the form are specifically designed to work well on touchscreens and make the form filling more efficient.

All the data collected during the workflows is stored for quick and easy access.

The data can also be configured to be pushed to systems like OSI PI or external databases such as Microsoft SQL server, Oracle or MySQL.

The WMS also provides dynamic dashboards where key numbers can be tracked and data can be visualized in various types of forms. Separate dashboards can be configured for Operator views as well.

With custom alert levels, all data elements can be configured to trigger notifications and alarms for better administration.

WMS’s reporting capabilities include creating and scheduling reports by combining data collected from workflows and the data available in external systems like OSI PI.

Administrators can also subscribe to this reports over email.

JSAT’s efficient support desk ensures help is always just a click away.

Why Choose Us

Intuitive Forms Builder with workflow features.

Dynamic Dashboards for admins and operators.

Reports scheduling and subscriptions.

Operator interface for phones and tablets.

Data collation between manual data and IoT data.

Complete User management module.

Equipment management and tracking.

Data connectors for external data sources.



Technical Specifications

    • Available both as public cloud and private cloud environment.
    • Public cloud uses AWS infrastructure.
    • High availability.
    • Elastic infrastructure.
    • Data security based on PCI DSS equivalent standards.
    • Application Security based on OWASP standards.
    • All requisite audit trails and logs available for compliance purposes.
    • Configurable backups and redundancy depending on the client needs.

Installation and Configuration

    • For Single Sign-on, integration with client’s active directory services. If SSO is not required, default self-service user management module will be enabled.
    • Alerts & Notifications configured for all admin users using company email IDs and phone numbers, if required.
    • OSI PI integration using OSI PI Web APIS.
    • Periodic Software Updates for patches and security updates.
    • Application Security based on OWASP standards.
    • All requisite audit trails and logs available for compliance purposes.
    • Configurable backups and redundancy depending on the client needs.