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Interactive Training Portal

Interactive Training Portal

An unparalleled, hands-on learning experience

At JSat Automation, we have crafted software to seamlessly & effortlessly train employees on a simulated automation system identical to your running production system via a web-based application

~ How It Works ~

An interactive, hands-on experience specific to your manufacturing or research facility.

Features Web Portal

Hands On

Enable your employees to gain job-specific, hands-on experience without the risks of affecting your production environment

Customizable Quizzes

Evaluation tools with all possible question types and simple, automated reporting and assessment

Embedded Audio/Video

Support for embedded multimedia, including audio & video

Reading Assignments

Ensure completion of training on standard operating procedures

2-Factor Authentication

Intuitive Reports

Identify key areas for success or improvement with built-in analysis tools

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Company Headquarters [US]:

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Southern California Branch:

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Northern California Branch:

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United Kingdom Branch:

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San Juan, Puerto Rico Branch:

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India Branch:

Shrirang House, 364/365/1, Shivaji Nagar,J.M. Road, Pune India 411005


OEM / Sim System Customizable Deployment
Differentiation ~

OEM / Sim System

Our “production-like” environment supports nearly every automation system in the market, including the industry leaders:

No changes or transformation needed: code from your production systems is 100% transferable to JSat’s development system.

Differentiation ~


Easily import training material: even convert paper-based training to digital. Hands-on training can be as specific as needed to help prepare for exact job functions, e.g. to run a…

Differentiation ~


A lightweight installation & containerized solution which can be deployed wherever desired