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Legacy System Upgrade and Migration


Legacy Systems Upgrade and Migration (IT/OT Conversions)

Cloud, SOA, SaaS, API, these are just a few technologies which you may have heard off over the past few years. We deliver Migration and Upgrade Solutions which bring your systems up to current standards and provide the much-needed layer of security. We interface with IT and implement a virtualized infrastructure which provides redundancy, is easy to manage and upgrade in the future.

With the growth of connected facilities comes a challenge to design and implement critical IT/OT infrastructures. We deliver Migration and Upgrade Solutions which bring your systems up to current standards. Our understanding of IT and Manufacturing requirements allow us to provide reliable, redundant, and secure solutions.

Why Choose Us

JSat Automation is a global Advanced Process Control, Systems Integration, IT/OT, Project Management, and Validation firm.

We provide innovative, expert solutions at the most competitive price.

Our core strength is our talented and committed team of engineers, project managers, and process specialists.

The JSat Automation concept provides an efficient and cost-effective approach to implementation of projects that allows it to establish long-term relationships as a technical partner with its customers. Coupled with our reputation for superior quality services, these long-term partnerships result in a broad base of well known, reliable, repeat customers.